Posted by ARM on Tue 9th Apr 22:26
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  1. hitler for the purity
  2. of his creed and race
  3. cried to unite germany
  4. and wiped millions of jews from earths face
  6. stalin sought to raise up
  7. us common men as from beasts
  8. and starved a million russians
  9. so bureaucrats and crows could feast
  11. mao shouted the times are changing, so must we!
  12. and 40 million people were butchered and starved
  13. while others stood around and shouted down their critics
  14. "thats absurd! that couldn't happen here!"
  15. "that couldn't happen to me!"
  17. and all throughout the centuries
  18. men in high places have cried "this is necessary!"
  19. while turning nations into penitentiaries
  20. and busloads of people into cemeteries
  22. "its for the children!" they lied
  23. "if only you give up liberties lease!"
  24. and then the children  were taken too
  25. and then  said they "its for the peace!"
  26. while they liquidated people
  27. to make soap, fertilizer and glue
  29. and when these callous men in suits long had their way
  30. the children, like everyone else, where burned, butchered, and starved
  31. until their ashes became the dust of the earth
  32. their bones the granite in the ground
  33. and their memory, buried, lifeless clay
  35. and the fires and machinations
  36. of industrial interest and gain
  37. are fueled with the cries of a sea of blood,
  38. 300 million crying out for justice, in pain
  40. so the dead, murdered in this century,
  41. and reduced to ash and bones
  42. stand a testament before time,
  43. hidden in gas chambers and mass graves
  44. like makeshift catacombs.
  46. Three hundred million reasons,
  47. Versus a few thousand each year
  48. almost makes it like condoning genocide and treason
  49. when you shout gun control
  50. "its for the children"
  51. and stir up fear.
  53. and we all know
  54. what if other victors had written history?
  55. While gun control advocates say "your paranoid!"
  56. isn't it odd how they sound just like the people who exclaimed
  57. "heil russia!, heil china!, heil germany!"?
  60. when the wolves have their day
  61. when the guns are neutered, (reduced, restricted), and all but gone
  62. when that day of reckoning comes, those useful fools will sing a different song.
  64. none is safe
  65. where wolves prowl loose
  66. and washington is a predators den
  67. who DISARMS us with one hand, howling 'reduce'
  69. they stab us with the other hand
  70. and call to make amends
  71. and pretend to want a truce
  72. while the truth breaks and bends
  74. men in suits break the law
  75. and rob us till theres nothing left
  76. laughing at the destitution they caused
  77. and building prisons for the poor
  78. who are the only ones punished for theft
  80. and the truth is there can be no comprise
  81. with the murderous greed of DC
  82. nor council among wolves
  83. for they want only absolute authority
  85. So now you have a choice
  86. that you cant ignore
  87. for the country you love
  88. and the oath you swore
  90. cause Come hell or high water.
  91. if There is to be a war
  92. let us be there to start that fire!
  93. let us dare to stand and knock at deaths door
  95. So Liberty is a tree
  96. That must be replenished now and again
  97. with the blood of patriots and tyrants
  98. Let the revolution begin!
  100. but as for me
  101. I, disarmed, will not bend the knee
  102. when they threaten me with death
  103. for principle is all I have
  104. (after liberties fangs are stolen)
  105. when principles all thats left
  107. No, I will not bow
  108. I will fight. Fight
  109. We must fight on!
  110. Even when the last bullet is gone
  112. If the sun is to rise
  113. on a nation still Free
  114. To assure our families
  115. futures and prosperity
  117. To the last man,
  118. the mission must carry on
  119. Against tyranny's long shadow
  120. For Liberties Red Dawn

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