Posted by AvatarBroku on Fri 1st Mar 19:17
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  1. Reddit is often covered in well justified hate for the big telecom companies. The atrocious state of your internet's speed is unacceptable. So how do you change this? The big telecom companies don't care about quality right? So how do we make them care?
  3. Many of you are in a situation where there is one and only one ISP. You only have one option, there is nothing you can do. Right? Well there is an alternative, but it's not pretty. ISPs care about your money. So if you want to make them pay attention to your standards, then we have to take away what they love most. But can you give up what you may possibly love most? Can you go a month without your precious wired internet? I think this the only way to get results quickly. A large number of the ISP's consumer base needs to stop paying for their unsatisfactory service. You the people have to show who needs who. They need us more than we need them. If Reddit can start a national wide boycott of shitty internet; if it's organized and has enough of a following then we can show them that their is a demand for high speed internet. Or we could keep complaining about it without action. Put your money where your mouth is.
  5. This could work in theory, but without massive participation of a simultaneous un-subscription the ISPs will only laugh and wait for the few participators to come back. But if we can start a movement of intolerance of a shitty product, then just maybe we have a shot at what you guys desperately yearn for. Or we could wait 20-30 years for Google Fiber too reach our areas. It's your choice.
  7. There is no risk to this plan. If we go without Reddit for a month it will probably be a good thing for us anyways
  9. **TL;DR: Kick 'em where it hurts, their wallets.
  11. This was hosted here because r/technology does not allow self posts and I think this is the right subreddit.

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