Posted by Anonymous on Wed 19th Dec 23:33
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  1. Dear Member,
  3. Thank you for your support in the last few weeks, the overwhelming number of messages of support made it clear that our efforts over the last year or so had not been in vain.
  5. It is however with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that the proxy server which the Pirate Party UK initially provided in solidarity with other parties in Europe, but later as an anti-censorship resource for UK users, has now been been removed and will stay down until either the law is changed or the orders against the 'Big 6' ISPs are removed.
  7. Obviously this is not the outcome you wanted, nor that we had hoped for.  As you will know, elected members of the party's National Executive Committee, along with the head of IT, received letters from lawyers acting for British Phonographic Industry (BPI), threatening them personally with High Court legal action.
  9. After seeking exhaustive advice and initiating the fund-raising campaign that many of you contributed to, we were able to raise over 9,000.  A significant sum and an indication that this issue is important to many people.  Unfortunately the advice from a variety of legal sources was bleak and just reaching this point cost almost 1600.  The potential costs involved in taking this forward is out of our reach and would compromise our ability to campaign (especially in the European elections) with very little chance of a positive result.
  11. We also made attempts to open dialogue with the BPI, but it has become clear that the law as it stands makes any decision to continue hosting the proxy untenable and  counter-productive.
  13. We will continue to fight for digital rights and all the other issues that we think are important. We do this on a day to day basis, have done throughout this situation and will continue to do so.  As always, we would ask that anyone who is interested in getting actively involved with the party contacts us.
  15. If you have donated to the Party since the 9th of December, and you would like us to return your donation please reply to this email, or email with the email address you provided (either your paypal email address or the email address you contacted the party with when making your donation).  We will return your donation as soon as we can. If you don't want us to return your donation, the money will go towards planned campaigns in 2013 (such as preparations for the European Elections 2014) and the general running of the Party.
  17. Pirate Party UK

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